Electric Vehicles Workshop
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  At Select Venues - Friday April 19 Saturday April 20 - 2019 - Ambler, PA 


































































Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are the future, a major climate change solution to cut the carbon footprint of fleets and everyday drivers.
Cost of ownership low compared to ICE (internal combustion engine) cars.

 See some of the latest and greatest, fastest and highest MPGe on the planet.  

Some ICE boasts 35 miles per gallon, most Electric Vehicles can drive 35  miles on the electricity that it takes just to make 1 gallon of gas.  126 - 200 MPGe is common with EVs.

No factory reps or dealers allowed.  You'll hear  from the owners of these EVs directly..  Hear the real deal, take a ride, learn the inside track.

Zero Emission Vehicles


Zero Gasoline, Zero Oil


100% Torque


Zero Air Pollution electrons from the sun


No oil drips - keeps the parking lot and water ways clean of oil


Can use Solar and Wind Power


85% Cheaper to operate than any ICE


Saturday April 21, 2018
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Weavers Way / Amber Beverage Exhange Parking Lot
217 E. Butler Avenue Ambler, PA   19002


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$10 covers All music, all select venues, all workshops and pre show party
Part Of the National Drive Electric Week Network


Michael L .Craner
Dennis Rowan
Rick Denzien
Michael Craner is an electric vehicle and renewable energy advocate and investor.  He is passionate about increasing renewable energy to reduce the harmful effects of climate change.  He has been driving electric vehicles since 2009, derives most of his household electric use through a 15.75 kW rooftop solar panel system, and uses geothermal for heating and cooling.  He is an Zero Emission Musician, an electrical engineer, patent agent, and inventor.   Rowan Energy Integration has developed a sustainable process for utilizing renewable energy integrated vehicle to grid which enables zero carbon transportation for public and private fleets. As an integrator of renewable energy to both grid and electric vehicles Rowan creates energy, economic and environmental benefits for its corporate, government and educational clients. Multi award winning songwriter & producer. Founder 2018 All Music Fest & Sustainability Conference.
Zero Emission Musician and inventor.
Runs the www.Slot-1.com record label and the www.ThriveStation.com  venue along with is label recording studio

Join us again for National Drive Electric Week Event - September 15, 2018


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