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Bonnie Warren

Write in multiple genres. Extensive and varied catalogue which includes Country, Country-pop, Pop, Indie, R&B, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Latin-pop.

Solo writes and numerous cowrites with Artist-writers and Writers

Write and record with talent (songwriters, artists, producers) in both Philadelphia and Nashville.  Work in Nashville 12 days/month.

Recent Accomplishments: Panelist and Performer at the 2017 All Music Fest, Ambler, PA;  Single song publishing deals; Songs licensed to Cable TV; Grand Prize Winner, Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival Songwriting Contest (2016)  and  2017 Featured Performer at the Festival;  Nominated for Female Songwriter of the Year Award with the TSAI (Tennessee Songwriters Assn) in 2017.   Also nominated in 2016; Songs appear on indie releases and in indie film.

Although always involved with music, have worked in other industries as well – social work, health administration, and educational advocacy;   Published journalist in each of these fields, and in the arts.

Other music industry work: lead singer/guitarist  in (college) cover band; have booked a venue; organized showcases, networking, and educational events for the music community; developed  a “summer music in the park” series, volunteered at events; have co-managed a band; have judged songwriting and performance contests.

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