Rick Denzien
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Rick Denzien

Photo Credit: Lauren Lyons
Rick Denizen is an award winning singer-songwriter, musician, artist, producer, and engineer.

Playing with reel to reel and cassette tape recorders at age 8 got Rick became forever immersed  in being a recording engineer.  In college he got a job making audio snakes for Whirlwind in in his spare  time started a singer / songwriter support group and rotated 60+ member meetings among the dozen recording studios in & around Rochester NY.  He was selected for the Tomemiester / Recording Engineer program his senior year in college and commuted  that entire year to Fredonia NY to participate.   (Graduated with a BA in Religion, Philosophy and Psychology)  Rick was the also the recording artist during all those Fredonia sessions, as other engineers needed a demo reel to get their first out of school recording engineer jobs. (Sony Master Works, A & R Studios, Glazier Brothers, Willie Nelsons Pedernales Recording Studio, Reel to Real) A few of the jobs landed for engineers by Rick's early song demos.

Instead of getting more jobs in recording studios, singer / songwriter Rick went out on the road with his first recording produced by his Bass player friend Chad Watson.   Songs started getting airplay, and helped to support the tours.

In the Philadelphia area recording at a studio that red lined (recorded over a section) of a 2 inch master tape.  A multi thousand dollar investment was instantly irretrievably ruined.  The studio also used his other masters tape reels to record other clients.    He reasoned that It was cheaper to start his own recording studio, instead of enduring that kind of intense incompetence. 

He had an opportunity to go on tour in in Europe and did 116 gigs in 8 weeks without a record to promote.  

Back in the Philly he recorded and engineered the limited edition "Heal The Land" CD release for the slot-1 label This attracted the attention of Jimmy Pop one of the lead singers for "The Blood Hound Gang".

This got him his first major label gig was recording and mixing "The Blood Hound Gang - Use Your Fingers" CD for Sony.  After that he did all their mix tapes for live performance for many years.  He recorded, mixed and performed (uncredited)  the "Wolf Pac - Evil is" for the Howard Stern Show.   Since that time he has recorded hundreds of bands, singer / songwriters,  and artists.

Some of the notables:
Kool G. Rap (KGR) Half a Klip feat. Haylie Duff for - BMG
Justin Guarini & Drivetime for Slot-1 / K1
Michalel G Ronstadt "Bridging The Gap", "Crazy Rhythm / Empty Drafts" and "Foolish Fox" for Slot-1
Christo "Learn The Name" feat. Lyra Project for Slot-1
OMG "Ride to $ucess" feat. Ellie Goulding for Slot-1
Dreddy Cruger for WooTangClan
C. Waitz "Corrupted Youth" for Slot-1
Starroot "Yellow Magnetic Sun", "Red Cosmic Dragon", "Vision Quest" for Meditation 1
Jamie Knight "Tender Mercy", for Slot-1 (won Best R&B / Gospel Song)
Lyra Project "Goddess" for Slot-1 (multi award winning songs-American Songwriter Magazine)
Linda J. Ferguson "Circling Home" for Meditation 1
Bob Mecklenburger "Do It" for Slot-1

As an artist he released his "Exit 21" CD which had a documented 250,000 downloads, and charted on CMJ. (College Music Journal).   A remix of the entire Exit 21 CD is scheduled to be release later next month. Rick's song "Desperation" was listed in "The Idiots Guide to Songwriting" as an excellent example of hit songwirting.

"TSAI" is the first song  be released from the "Radiate" CD and was nominated for a New Music Award for the song's radio performance, also CMJ charted.  Some of the songs and title track on Radiate were engineered by David Ivory in sessions that Rick arranged with the legendary "Late Night with David Letterman" drummer Anton Fig.  Together Rick and Anton were featured on the cover story of "International Musician" a union magazine for their work together with David.  After may delays, Radiate is scheduled to come out this summer, followed by his "Green Sky" CD.

Rick and partner Debra Lee are featured in "Legendary Locls of Ambler" by Frank D. Quattrone

Most recently he was nominated "Best Male Artist" by WSTW FM 97.3 "Homey Awards".
Founder 2018 All All Music Fest & Sustainability Conference
Founder www.Thrivestation.com
Founder Zero Emission Musicians

Bah-fo Studio
www.Bah-FoStudio.com  & www.RickDenzien.com

The Slot-1 recording label evolved from the original Slot One Recording Studio which is now called Bah-Fo Studio.  Many of the artists who recorded at the studio did not have a record label home, and so Slot-1 was born to developed and distribute those artists. Founding member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) The Grammy People.  Member NERFA North Eastern Regional Folk Alliance, Helps with the local chapter (NSAI) Nashville Songwriters Association International headed up by Debra Lee.

Rick produces all his music using wind and solar power.  These renewable sources have cut carbon emissions    The studio is connected with the Debra Lee School of Music.  Rick & Debra eliminated CO2 emissions in their personal & business transportation in 2013 and further eliminated methane (natural gas) use in 2014   To date 70,000 gasless miles, and between transportation, switching to a Clean Choice Energy and heating saving 1 million pounds of global warming gas.  In addition, the money saved on gasoline was spent on rooftop solar which has generated 5.8 million watt hours of power in less than 1 year.  He is also adding 2 new wind turbines right at the studio to keep the good times rolling.


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