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Thank You for being part of the
All Music Fest & Sustainability Conference

Why Sustainability?
Climate change is here right now.  It is not taking place in some far distant future - sea levels have already risen, polar ice caps are already melting the average temperature is rising.  You and your music community can do everything to make a change.  Together we can make a huge difference, we can educate the public about the crisis through our music and our actions to achieve zero emissions on the road and at home.
Join Zero Emission Musicians

We all must lead by example:
"Systemic change cannot happen without personal change; for change to happen, we must first change ourselves" - Rick Denzien - Green Sky

We have surrounded ourselves with experts that have helped and inspired us to eliminate transportation, home heating & food choice emissions.  We now bring these experts to you at the first All Music Fest & Sustainability Conference.

Lets Talk:

Debra and I achieved zero emission in transportation by going all electric in 2013.  We power the Electric Vehicles
by wind power through our electric bill.  We eliminated methane from home heating in 2014.  We eliminated most carbon & methane from our food choices.  Do the easy things first.

In transportation, we have purchased no gas or oil since 2013.  Since that time till now, no us military personnel had to die so we could drive our car.
(we actually got fired from a very high paying gig for saying that) 

The super rich, through a corporate system of government control, are now fully in charge of destroying a livable planet, and we were helping them to do it.  We discovered, you are what you buy.
But now, we have taken back over $12,000 by not buying gasoline or oil since 2013 for  our transportation needs.  We have taken back our power.  We have driven will over 50,000 miles 100% gasless  - Zero Emission.  That is enough money to buy 50 high power solar panels.  It only takes 6 of those to power our electric cars for free for the next 300,000 miles.   So yes we are building our own solar array right now.   TAKE YOUR POWER BACK.  Make up your mind and be the change.
We are here to help.  Rick & Debra.

Join us in the PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MOVEMENT, send the loudest message possible that climate change can't be ignored.

P.S. Yes we know that most of you - except Michael Craner, Dennis Rowan, Brandon Hollinger, Jay Davidson, Rick Denzien, Debra Lee, David & Susan Morgan, John McVicker - drove here in a gas car.  This is going to take everyone making these changes.  Again, start with the easy things, those accomplished, move to the more difficult items on your list.

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